Daily Archives: 2018-09-27

OJ, now what?

Sports, philosophy, business administration, or something with media. Each year, a new graduation class is faced with the same question: how is it going to be after school? Finally, the selection of study subjects is huge. The book of Abi, now what? The right course of studies by Holger Walther loses itself in the wide […]

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wealth = money + life

Finally. From now on, no more measured wealth of a country that is economically material. So far, the gross domestic product and the annual growth of this size in the centre. And now? In addition – and this is the result of the Enquete Commission of the German Bundestag, growth, prosperity, quality of life, but […]

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Ethical Controlling

If a company pursues a company’s ethical objectives, and this must be reflected in the control and information system: The various Controlling concepts lead to different relationships between Controlling and business ethics. Ethical Controlling can be understood First as a meta-governance system for the Second as a management support system with special information duties: It […]

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