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The crisis, currency in crisis: Gold crashes!

What is only for precious metals? Gold and silver fall further, in part, by more than 10 percent. Questions from N24 to the Gold experts and authors (greed for Gold) Michael Bloss. Michael Bloss in the Interview with Dietmar Deffner of N24   Sources: article, image and Interview: N24

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falls and falls and falls…

You won’t believe your eyes Yes. The price of gold drops in the past weeks. What’s going on here, think a lot of investors. The crisis in the financial markets is over? The economy upward? And why the gold is stagnating the price. I would just like to say in advance that I can provide […]

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company to promote the moral competence of their staff

As the goal of staff development is the improvement of the moral (and sometimes moral, or ethical) expertise. Behind the various sub-skills, which complicates the substantive definition of the concept of hide. The term “social competence” is in part, as a parent, viewed, i.e., the moral competency is a Dimension of social competence. In part, […]

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is the bubble Bursting?

In the media speculation in recent weeks about whether the gold price a bubble has formed, and whether these bursts now? Even the banks have joined in the discussion. A study by the French Bank Société Générale (SG) , is the price of gold is in a bubble, which is now in the resolution. In […]

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