Daily Archives: 2018-09-25

potato chips and Technical progress

Very clearly, the Technical progress in the production of potato chips of the past 67 years, is explained on the basis of a short video. The Technical progress is the linchpin in the economic theory and the most important factor of our prosperity. Also, the great economic theorists have dealt with the theme of progress […]

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The Honest may not be the Stupid one

How must be designed a system of Wages that this claim was right? The connection is seen in the support potential of the incentive system for the implementation of business ethics. It is not of a human image, after which man is guided in his Actions only to material incentives, but also to values and […]

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The Hunger of the emerging countries

In politically driven markets saw a rise in the past months and years, the price of gold. This is not currently the case. This speaks for the gold price , and against a formation of bubbles at noble metal. Because Gold is not a game ball, but to serious asset protection. This is a must […]

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principles of wage justice

The questions of absolute wages and relative wage comparison, employ all of the employees and their managers. The comments on the design of a fair incentive system must remain, at this point, necessarily cursory, given that the discussion of wage justice, would easily fill a book of its own. The restriction “signs are as fair […]

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