Daily Archives: 2018-09-24

How firm a mission statement

Has chosen a company for the creation of a mission statement, so the question on the Plan how this can best be done is: the process of Mission statement creation. Criticism of the models that you would frequently only the “private morality” of executives, constituted, and declare their Moral and value beliefs for organization – […]

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manipulating the price of gold?

In the past week, rumors came in of a large German newspaper, the gold price had been manipulated. That would be to de LIBOR scandal, the next big financial scandal in the world. Is there any truth to these rumors? Since September, 1919, the gold price fixing is a fixed Institution, and something like the […]

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Keynes dream come true

Who would have thought: The ECB, flanked with its expansionary monetary policy on the real economy and is waving with the fence post. This was the dream of John M. Keynes. An independent Central Bank, which feels only of money value stability be obliged, would be ignored in the current high levels of liquidity and […]

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Habemus Papam

Habemus Papam – We have a Pope. This was announced today, on 13.03.2013, the proto-deacon of the cardinals of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. According to the politician, John Paul II, and the great theologian, Professor, and simple workers in the vineyard of the Lord, Benedict the XVI, was Jorge Mario Bergoglio to the head […]

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