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undertaking the responsibility: Some typical mission statements

In the framework of the company ethics, company mission statements. These follow certain principles. The following principles are typical: In relation to the employees: respect for the Dignity of each employee, discrimination-free recruitment and promotion of staff, creation of safe and healthy working conditions, a waiver of any Form of forced and child labour, delivery […]

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China could buy up the stocks of all the gold

China could buy all the gold stocks. With this title, the Handelsblatt ran the headline on 8.3.2013 in its Online edition. What is this unlimited wealth of the middle Kingdom? According to Handelsblatt information, the foreign exchange reserves of China grow since 2004, by more than 700 percent. With this sum it would be an […]

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The most important thought leaders in the Economics in-a-row

They shape for centuries, the world of Economics – the largest Economists. To understand today’s political discussions, it is worth looking at these personalities. The new UTB-series of The greatest Economists of the famous thinkers, with their knowledge of the Economics and policy decisively shaped, in an understandable way. The authors focus not only on […]

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