Daily Archives: 2018-09-22

the use of the gold price?

Is the “Mega-cycle of raw materials” over? The price of gold drops, the crises seem to be in the handle. No more Gold is in demand now? The price of gold has delivered in the past few weeks. This is due to several factors: 1. The technical Long Chart technically, the gold price is hitting […]

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growth: Germany is lagging behind the strategy goal

In the growth strategy for the European Union “Europe 2020” Europe has been formulated far a share of 3 percent of the gross domestic product as the target for the year 2020. Germany achieved in the year 2011, as the Federal Statistical office now has found – just 2.88 percent. A total of 74,8 billion […]

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The Bernanke Dilemma

For months the US Central Bank is trying to bring their loose monetary policy, the US economy regained momentum. However, the resounding success so far, which is why the critics of Ben Bernanke’s slowly become louder and louder. Has Bernanke failed? How effective QE III is actually? Michael Bloss, the author of the book: The […]

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