Daily Archives: 2018-09-20

Soros and the price of gold

You could almost say, the “top speculator of the present state of the world” is back. George Soros, who bet in September 1992, the devaluation of the GB pound, now the price of gold. This falls within the shortest possible time. But what’s behind it? According to the media (cf. e.g. Handelsblatt: Soros gets out […]

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Career crossroads of the economist: difficulties and opportunities

Sometimes graduates of educational institutions with economic specialization have an unclear idea of ​​the opportunities that are opening before them. Therefore, it is necessary to plan career development in the course of studies. Do not be afraid of mistakes. We need to experiment boldly. At the end of the institute this will increase the chances […]

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fathers of Russia buys Gold!

Who has Gold, which is independent – who is independent, has the perfect. This ancient wisdom could also be in the context of Russia in the past weeks and months, carried out purchases of Gold made. As the Handelsblatt reported, Russia is not only one of the largest oil producers in the world, but to […]

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Pope Benedict – legal gate veritatis

During my work on the book: The lust for Gold, I was able to look deep into the different for the mythology-so-important developments in the gold area. Since it was clear to me very quickly, that only in Religion the beginning of the way of a holistic view of the Gold is possible. While this […]

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