Daily Archives: 2018-09-19

The special responsibility of the executives

The times have become hard in the company. An increasing number of workplaces are exposed to constant Changes and sales challenges. How does the Management and, in particular, the supervisor with this phenomenon? It is not a coincidence, it really is frequently the managers, the entrepreneurs and managers that are pointed out in the publications […]

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South against the North! or hurts too much solidarity?

The sabre rattling has begun: Bavaria and Hesse. “We are in solidarity, but not stupid”, dictated by Horst Seehofer, the journalists into the microphone, and then initiates the next Phase of the system change process. Are counted the hours of the countries financial compensation, as we know it? Professor Wolfgang Scherf answers the most important […]

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danger of a currency war?

Suddenly, the Euro against the US Dollar so strong for months! And, although the fundamental problems in the ranks of the Euro-zone actually, not too much has changed. The Euro is really so strong or is the Dollar so weak? Michael Bloss, business author & EIFD Director, for an Interview with Börse Stuttgart TV.   […]

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And it varies!

“Tamensi movetur!” – “And yet it moves” – These words of Galileo Galilei in the mouth, as the Inquisition court to leave. Whether truth or legend, a significant rate, it is all. And he is also on the Gold applicable. Many investors believe that Gold would almost have no variations, but it is also a […]

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