Daily Archives: 2018-09-18

Up or down?

The market expectations for Gold, many analysts and investors are very different. The A expect a rise in the gold price to over $ 2,000/oz, the Other from a price decline. Of course, no one can say seriously before, where an investment instrument is trending. There are only scenarios, from which one can derive predictions. […]

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Forces of the market to immorality?

What happens when economic actors are caught in a dilemma situation in which you have to choose between morale and success in the market? What must an entrepreneur, he would like to the market with verkaufsför which measures the “edit”, in order to increase the market probability of success? The numerous market related measures are […]

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what kind of world we want to live?

In what is the future of today’s young people go? Will develop your world for the Good, or to be an uninhabitable place? What people under 27 years of the time horizon is 2050 – the year in which many of them, the currently valid retirement age? Participants in the RNE-project “dialogues for the future […]

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