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Homo Economicus is a model human behaviour in Economics

One of the main points of criticism of the economic perspective, a behavior, acceptance is! Behind the action-model of Homo Economicus are certain basic assumptions, with the help of which human behavior is explained and predicted to be . To begenen to this perspective, it is critical that you must understand: The action model of […]

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India opts for Gold

The Indian gold imports in the past week, according to the Wall Street journal, the five-fold grow. The reason is the impending Gold Import tax and the current favourable gold price. India has always been one of the major Gold importers. The reasons for this are complex. One of them is found in the Religion […]

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5-series facelift

The second series of Euro notes is in front of the door. The ECB starts the exchange of all Bank notes with the 5-EUR-sham. On 2. In may 2013, the new note is already in circulation. The new security features are: 1. Intaglio printing, 2. Portrait Watermark, 3. Foil strip with a portrait hologram, 4. […]

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