Daily Archives: 2018-09-12


The new preview is ready to be the EIA programme for the first half of 2013 is available. From the Editorial (managing Director Walter Engstle): Dear readers, “What makes our books more beautiful,” the comment of a major German daily newspaper the Frankfurter book fair 2012, and the bitter Afterthought, the book would be demoted […]

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The need for business ethics

Ethical questions are at the heart of social, political, and economic developments. Right? In particular, at the economic level, the moral seems to be wrong location: Rarely, the companies have been so strong in the public criticism, as in the last few years. Some Examples: Profit, Profit over everything In connection with the collapse of […]

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Gold and Christmas

The Magi bring the child to, among other things, Gold as a gift. Even today, the color Gold plays a big role in our Christmas decorations. But why is it so? Gold – both as color as well as the tactile metal – enthusiastic people. Gold, the metal and the color of kings and emperors […]

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