Daily Archives: 2018-09-07

strike in South Africa – What is the price of gold?

South Africa is after China the second largest gold producer in the world. Long years, the country was the main producer for the eternal and divine metal. But for some time now, is a resistance. The workers are on strike and the production will be this year, 40% less than in the prior-year period. Where […]

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the myth of precious metals: The greed for Gold

Gold radiates from time immemorial, the myth of value, wealth and Power. This consideration has increased in recent years, not least because of the loose policies of Central banks around the globe. In the result, the price of gold has risen, most recently to an all-time high in Euro terms. Questions from Börse Stuttgart TV […]

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authors ‘ book fair

The non-fiction book authors, Michael Bloss (greed for Gold) and Oliver Bendel (revenge of The Nerds), held in the framework of the UVK:Events at the Frankfurt book fair, a lecture trilogy.       The program on Friday with Michael Bloss 11.00 Am: The Myth Of Gold 13.00 o’clock: Gold and the economy 15.00: buy […]

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