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The greed for Gold by Michael Bloss in the N24 Interview

Dietmar Deffner, and Michael Bloss, is the author of: The greed for Gold converse in the case of N24 to the current situation in the gold market and in the UVK publishing house published book. Here you can see the complete Interview. Article image (c) fanty / Gerd Altmann /      

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Impressions of Harvard

First student: I really enjoyed studying at Harvard, but despite this, I can not say that the joint bachelor’s program of the Higher School of Economics is in some way inferior to it. One of Harvard’s most noticeable advantages over our program is discipline. It seems to me impossible the situation in which Professor Harvard […]

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The special leadership skills in projects

The most basic task of a project Manager is in the leadership of the project team. The guide is very comprehensive. Most of the tasks that are the responsibility of a Board of management on the level of the whole company to fall in the project also the project Manager. At this point it becomes […]

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economists meeting in Göttingen (4)

This is a continuation of my Blogs to the annual meeting of the Verein für socialpolitik in Göttingen, which had to offer in many ways: so Far, I have discussed the Speeches by Gerhard Schröder and Oskar Lafontaine. Here is the current Status of the German labour market, in focus, and correspondingly different evaluation. This […]

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