Daily Archives: 2018-08-26

Gold – The rescuer in time of Need?!

“The only Gold” was the headline in a major business newspaper in the past week. Because in the face of the financial crisis, many experts are already talking of a lost decade for the economies involved. This is often a cross-comparison to Japan and its problems after the Asian crisis. The question remains: Is it […]

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at The right time in the right place: The project controller, as a major service provider

The concept of Controlling is adopted in the economic literature. The Controlling generally be attributed to four features: Information supply function: From this perspective, is the procurement and preparation of information for Management in the foreground. Coordination function: This perspective represents the coordination of the various management subsystems, in particular the coordination of planning and […]

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Olympic Gold – Gold for heroes

A few days ago, the London Olympic games are now history, and with them the gold medal winners were heroes. If the Germany-Eighth or individual athletes from all over the world. You have inspired us! But why do we give gold medals to our top athletes? Why is Gold the color of absolute triumph?It was […]

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