Daily Archives: 2018-08-25

Economics of Education on the screen

Education monitor, referred to the Initiative of the Social market economy since 2004, the annual analysis of the German education system as a comparison of the Federal States. Now the education and training monitor 2012 has been released. The Good first: All States improve in comparison to the previous year. The Bad immediately afterwards; the […]

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Where is the ethics?

“Food first, then morality”. This is a quote from the three penny Opera by Berthold Brecht also fits today’s time perfectly. The gold production has always been an ethically controversial business. However, in the past weeks, shocked again and again, horror stories of Violence in the Western world. In Peru, the fight for Gold is […]

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Principles of social security

The System of Social security in Germany assumes, that every person in the course of his life, social risks, the community to be covered to need to social hardship for an Individual to avoid. The policy has the task to eliminate such social risks or at least mitigate, and to guarantee their Social security. In […]

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The Investor in the course of time

The Economy continued to strengthen its foundations for more than two centuries on the behavior of the Homo Oeconomicus. In 1776, Adam Smith published the work “The wealth of Nations” laid the Foundation for a new science, but designed at the same time, the image of the “desired” market participant in the Form of the […]

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The experience curve concept: the Use and limits for the Management of

The experience curve concept focuses on the relationship between the cost development of a product and the cumulative production quantity, which is interpreted as experience. Basically, it is assumed that the inflation-adjusted unit costs of a product can be reduced with the doubling of the cumulated production quantities between 10% and 30%.   The illustration […]

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