Daily Archives: 2018-08-24

Everything else as close to the citizens and tax justice: Equitalia

If the state exploits its citizens, this is shameful. In Italy, the Tax collection Agency Equitalia is equipped with a very wide competences, which allow, for example, tax debts, by mortgage, unknowingly, for the Affected real estate, the “tax-sinners” will have to auction off cars, if the owner of ticket are not able to pay. […]

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in the South

Who would like to operate on the lake of Constance with sailing boat or motor boat for water sports requires the so-called lake Constance ship patent. With the new test book by UVK, a new Era is ushered in. To find one in the book, Constance, ship patent compact in addition to the official examination […]

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What is our money worth?

What do you measure about the value of money? Clear, 50 Euro 50 Euro but are actually, but only if someone is willing to give me for a piece of paper Were to be delivered. The piece of paper is, therefore, nothing more than a promise of fidelity to our financial system and its Background. […]

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Behavioral Finance – long ripe for the teaching

The conduct of scientific research has produced in the last 30 years, numerous results, whereby we have to make choices instead of strictly rational motives also in the case of financial instead of our emotions or simplistic fist-end rules. Daniel Kahneman, one of the most well-known researchers in the field of Behavioral Finance, was awarded […]

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