Daily Archives: 2018-08-23

What risk actually is?

What is the measure of risk is actually? Risk is at all quantifiable? Or just a “gut feeling”? As the risk of an event is described, which has a negative impact on something. In our case, the risk would consequently have a negative impact on our investment properties. Risk is thus an external factor of […]

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Long as the paper is printed!

As long as the paper is printed! This seems to be in the moment, the Motto of the Central banks. Admittedly it is a little evil. Given the existing problems, which were triggered by the global financial crisis, the task of a Central Bank chiefs currently tend to that of a fire brigade to come […]

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Defining Management

Management is always ultimately the shaping of relations between people, things and situations. People should be encouraged to reach their own, but mostly with strangers goals efficiently and effectively and in a reasonable time period. This requires in addition to technical and management knowledge and the relevant experience, knowledge of the necessary processes as well […]

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How to develop a project-oriented company

Below figure shows it clearly, it is the project-oriented company to the provisional last step of the development continuum of project management. This development is a project-oriented companies represents an adequate entrepreneurial response to a Situation with very high environment and business dynamics and a high proportion of projects on the overall business. It is […]

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