Daily Archives: 2018-08-21

Gold in euros and in USD

The price of gold, which traded traditionally in USD and is specified for many currencies significantly. Because Gold is as a currency. So many European investors are always on the price of gold in Euro and not in USD. After all, who earns his money in euros and investing, would also like to see in […]

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Gold and its negative correlation with the US Dollar

A lot of myths and rumors surrounding the price of gold and its dependencies. One of these complex relationships, the negative correlation with the US Dollar. This is historically in the long term, see graph 1; source: Thomson Reuters) prove (. In phases of non-existence, it is regularly speculated about whether this was now over, […]

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project management in transition

In the history of mankind tasks, which assume the character of projects play a significant role. For example, the construction of the pyramids or the Suez canal, the control of diseases or the organization of a peace conference. In the past few decades, particularly in the technical-oriented infrastructure projects, such as the construction of dams […]

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impact of gold mining on the environment

In his book The greed for Gold lights Michael Bloss, all conceivable facets of the precious metal. This also includes environmental issues: Again and again, will be discussed goings-on in the media, the massive influences on the environment by gold mining and other Mining. How serious are these, show alarming statistics of environmental organizations. This […]

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