2013 – A year ahead of view

2013 – A year ahead of view

The year knows his last day… You know Your not!” We read in a famous poem by Erich Kästner. But as far as we want, it is now also not come. Normally, the time is now for a review of the year to come. But what happened, most people know anyway. Therefore, we dare. Admittedly, this is a one year look ahead much more difficult. Error in all trains included.

What can we expect in 2013?

  • At the beginning of the new year 2013 is to be Ireland’s presidency of the EU Council. One of the smallest countries is responsible for the presidency in Europe.
  • On a Federal level in January in lower Saxony, elected. A direction of choice, as in the autumn (September) in the Bundestag elections.
  • However, before this to the extent that, in July of website to join the EU.
  • The Euro-debt crisis and the tense budgetary situation in Greece, Spain and Italy in 2013 is also still on our agenda. Will try this now, finally, a restructuring and to eliminate, hopefully, the introduction of new business models (especially for Greece).
  • Europe is in the year 2013 with the impact of the economic slowdown and the recession to fight. We can only hope that it relates to Germany.
  • The Inflation in 2013 will tend to increase the interest rates. The ECB will continue interest rates to try to keep as low as possible, and possibly even lower. In this case, the inflation objective is, rather, subordinate to, and coping with the impact of the Crisis is in the foreground.
  • In the United States will look after the re-inauguration of President Obama with the Fiscal Cliff deal. It is likely that it will come at the very last second to reach an agreement of the negotiating parties.

What this year will bring? We let us surprise you! In 365 days, what no one can predict to happen. It is part of a voltage factor to life.

How is moving the price of gold?

To meet here a serious statement you have to consider many factors. However, it is to the apparent probability assume that the price for the eternal metal will be stable and more expensive than the current price of gold. But Gold is more than the price for which we can act. Read more about Gold in my new book: The greed for Gold

Sources: article image: S. Hofschlaeger / pixelio.de; Interview: BSTV