higher levels of appreciation in the personnel management

The labour market in Germany is in a noticeable change. The “Generation Y” in the choice of profession with their focus on the salary or the Profit. Flexible working times and, especially, the appreciation of their work is in the job search are important components. “The rediscovery of humanity in the workplace is one of […]

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Time management: The ALPS-method

Our author Rödiger Voss describes, in the context of scientific work in the study of the success factor time management and a simple method: The so-called ALPS-method. Tasks note: In the first step, a kind of “To-do-list” is created. It is all the tasks that are performed in the context of scientific work should be […]

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The Plan of the plans

The project structure plan serves as a basis for all further plans, and is therefore also referred to as a “Plan of plans”. A project structure plan is to a good Overview of the project in its entirety and the individual tasks, the completeness of the individual tasks to ensure that as a basis for […]

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statistics for foam bats

How can you make as an Economist with mathematics and statistics impression Who wants to be in the Economics a little, you should master the art to Shine with the mathematical and econometric skills. Because these skills are, however, seldom so outstanding, as one would like, are increasingly in demand conman of talents, in order […]

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Relaxed in the exam

Test anxiety makes a large part of the physically noticeable. And these physical phenomena can then be a catalyst for even more fear. Relaxation can be a direct remedy against the fear. And just as you learn the exam material for the next exam, you can also train techniques for relaxation.Helpful and easy-to-follow the breath-Counting […]

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