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The Company

Solid Gold


The House of Solid Gold was created and developed by master designer Hugh Power. 


Mr. Power felt it was time to bring the world something very unique and unusual.

He wanted to bring together as never seen before, a setting where only extremely high-end quality products as well as common everyday basics could be highlighted and available to everyone in gold. 


In the jewelry world, this would be seen as either vintage or modern.  Only the most famous jewelry designers in the world could take part.  All works of art are signed by their creators and use only the most incredible gemstones and pearls in the world. 


The House of Solid Gold maintains it’s global recognition and international reverence as the premier source for extremely rare gold luxurious objects d’art and everyday house hold gift products.  All gold products produced by The House of Solid Gold are manufactured only in the U.S.A.


The creative exuberance seen in all of these one of a kind or limited edition works of art is stunning.  Each solid gold piece holds that modern sense of substance and proportion using only 18K solid gold or higher.  In some cases, 24K gold leaf, overlay or electroplate is used where practicality crosses everyday needs.


Many of the products sold here are considered to be the world’s most expensive, endorsing the rarity of being able to locate and purchase these easily in a retail setting.







Object d’ art – small work of decorative art, often rare and beautiful.

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